within the cooperation Laseraktive Polymeroptische Fasern (LaPOF) funded on the basis of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In this project field the technological basis for novel laser-active polymer optical fibres (LAPOF) as well as their practical implementation and characterization are investigated. These novel laser systems have innovation potential in the automotive and aerospace industries, because they enable cost-effective and energy-efficient components (for example in the field of communication). In addition, it is possible to achieve a significant weight reduction, which directly affects the consumption of energy sources and the carbon footprint when implemented in the mobility sector.

In the partial project DEHERA (design, production und characterisation of laser-active polymer fibres) special emphasis is placed on the investigation of degradation and damage mechanisms within the materials, in order to meet the requirements of the automotive and aerospace industries according to very robust and long-lasting components. Various manufacturing processes such as fibre drawing, extrusion and dispensing are investigated. The greatest technical difficulties lie in the reduction of the number of optical modes in the waveguide, which must closely approach the single-mode operation, as well as the efficient doping with laser-active substances.

Besides the detection and characterisation of the laser activity in the material, a comprehensive modeling of the impact of optical properties on the laser activity of the polymer fibres is conducted. In addition, the active substances in the fibre are simulated in order to enable a purposeful investigation and improvement of the polymer.

At the end of the project the provision of a demonstrator with a laser-active POF as an active beam source is provided, which shows the technical possibilities and provides suggestions for the further utilisation of the results.

Project duration: 12/2016–11/2019

Total eligible expenditure: 1,206,040.20 €

EU subsidy from the EFRE fund: 40.00 %

Funding: EFRE - Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung

Finished: yes