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Neues Paper über robuste und ressourcenschonende Mikrowellen-Verschränkungsgatter veröffentlicht

New paper on robust and resource-efficient microwave entanglement gates published

Phase space trajectories for a representative spin state. In comparison to microwave gate pulses with a squared shape (blue), pulses with a shaped envelope (orange, green) enable resilience against time and detuning errors during the MS interaction.

Microwave trapped-ion quantum logic gates avoid spontaneous emission as a fundamental source of decoherence. However, microwave two-qubit gates are still slower than laser-induced gates and hence more sensitive to fluctuations and noise of the motional mode frequency.

In our paper we propose and implement amplitude-shaped gate drives to obtain resilience to such frequency changes without increasing the pulse energy per gate operation. We demonstrate the resilience by noise injection during a two-qubit entangling gate with 9Be+ ion qubits. In the absence of injected noise, amplitude modulation gives an operation infidelity in the 10−3 range.

Published by Johannes Mielke