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Kick-off zum Projekt „EMDeN“

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Kick-off for the "EMDeN" project

Development of an MCVD process for the doping of fused silica fibres with nanocrystals

Optical fused silica fibres doped with nanocrystals have diverse and promising applications in photonics, quantum technologies and sensor technology. The key innovation is based on the very beneficial combination of two material systems: Nanocrystals enable a very fine tuning of spectroscopic properties, which can be adjusted specifically for applications, while optical glass fibres bring technologically decisive advantages such as low-loss transmission over long distances. Above all, extremely relevant for applications are new types of fibre-based laser beam sources with previously unavailable properties such as emissions in the visible spectral range or of single photons. However, this new technology is hardly usable so far because suitable manufacturing processes are lacking. In the EMDeN project, the Laser Components and Fibres working group will therefore develop and validate novel methods and concepts for embedding or doping laser-active nanocrystals in the glass of optical fibres. For this purpose, different glass materials, nanocrystal systems and approaches during the doping process will be investigated in order to identify ideal combinations. An initial validation with regard to future use in visible laser beam sources is to be carried out.

The "EMDeN" project started on 1 July 2022.

The project with the funding code 13N16298 is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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