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Neue Veröffentlichung über integrierte Multi-Qubit-Gatter für einen Quantencomputer auf Basis einer Ionenfalle

New publication on integrated multi-qubit gate device for the ion-trap quantum computer

Elektrodenkonfiguration um das Fallenzentrum herum. Die Ionen werden über der Oberfläche mit 10 DC-Elektroden und einer geteilten HF-Elektrode gefangen. Der Mikrowellenleiter erzeugt einen oszillierenden Nahfeldgradienten für ein Verschränkungsgatter.

Our new paper got published in njp Quantum Information.

We demonstrated the experimental realization of a two-qubit Mølmer–Sørensen gate on a magnetic field-insensitive hyperfine transition in 9Be+ ions using microwave near-fields emitted by a single microwave conductor embedded in a surface-electrode ion trap. The design of the conductor was optimized to produce a high oscillating magnetic field gradient at the ion position. The measured gate fidelity is determined to be 98.2±1.2% and is limited by technical imperfections, as is confirmed by a comprehensive numerical error analysis.

The conductor design can potentially simplify the implementation of multi-qubit gates and represents a self-contained, scalable module for entangling gates within the quantum CCD architecture for an ion-trap quantum computer.

Author: Johannes Mielke