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Kick-off zum Projekt "HoloScope"

Kick-off meeting for the "HoloScope" project

Needle-sized lensless holographic endoscope

So far, thin and flexible endoscopes for minimally invasive medical diagnostics and therapies can only be used for 2D imaging, while endoscopes for 3D imaging have cross sections too large for minimally invasive surgeries. Therefore, the aim of the "HoloScope" project is to develop and validate an endoscope with a small diameter (< 300 µm), which will enable 3D imaging with subcellular resolution and can be used for minimally invasive studies. For this purpose, the scientists of the group Laser Components and Fibres will develop specialty fibre bundles with aperiodic fibre core structures. New measurement and evaluation technologies, which will be developed and validated at the competence centre BIOLAS at Dresden University of Technology, will make it possible to use these lensless fibre bundles for 3D imaging in the brain, for example.

The project started on 1 April 2021 and is supported by an advisory board that consists of 12 industrial companies, including eight SMEs, and two clinics.

The IGF project no. 21802 BG is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag.

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