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Entanglement between spatially separated atomic modes

Entanglement between spatially separated atomic modes

Measured density profile of an atomic cloud that is separated into a left and a right part. The entangled atoms are represented by connected spheres. The atoms acquire an orientation along the magnetic field (spin-up or spin-down) during the measurement.

Entanglement of indistinguishable particles transferred to the spatial degree of freedom

We have created entanglement in large ensembles of a few thousand indistinguishable atoms. The entanglement of indistinguishable particles cannot be measured directly, because the particles cannot be addressed.

In our recent publication "Entanglement between two spatially separated atomic modes", we split the atomic cloud into two spatially separated parts and prove entanglement between the two subensembles. The particle entanglement is validated using a novel entanglement criterion that we have developed together with the group of Géza Tóth in Bilbao.

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