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Material Processing

Laser Written Photonic Waveguides

The wave guiding structures are created by femtosecond laser pulses, which are tightly focused inside the bulk material. Due to the nonlinear absorption processes these lead to a permanent refractive index modification after relaxation of the plasma in the focal point. Under suitable irradiation conditions, the refractive index change is positive, allowing direct fabrication of guiding structures.

Beam Shaping

Using the combination of beam shaping with femtosecond laser writing we demonstrated a novel method to create waveguide coupler and splitter devices in fused silica. The major advantage of the beam shaping method is the possibility to create complex devices in a single sweep by simultaneously writing two or more waveguides with changing separation.

Microfluidic Devices

The advantages of laser written photonic waveguides is the possibility to incorporate these into existing devices, especially microfluidic devices, for the creation of an integrated optical detection and measurement system.


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