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Veröffentlichung über die Kontrolle von Berylliumionen mit einem UV-Frequenzkamm

Paper on control of beryllium ions with an UV frequency comb published

Veranschaulichung des stimulierten Zwei-Photonen-Raman-Prozesses, der mittels zweier Strahlen eines einzigen modengekoppelten Lasers für 9Be+ Ionen realisiert wurde.

In our latest paper we demonstrated quantum control of 9Be+ ions directly implemented by an optical frequency comb.
Based on numerical simulations of the relevant processes in  9Be+ for different magnetic field regimes, we demonstrated a wide applicability when controlling the comb’s spectral properties. We introduced a novel technique for the selective and efficient generation of a spectrally tailored narrow-bandwidth optical frequency comb near 313 nm. We experimentally demonstrated internal state control and internal-motional state coupling of  9Be+ ions implemented by stimulated-Raman manipulation using a spectrally optimized optical frequency comb. Our pulsed laser approach is a key enabling step for the implementation of quantum logic and quantum information experiments in Penning traps.

Author: Johannes Mielke