First ion cloud in our Penning trap

We have loaded our first 9Be+ ions into a cryogenic Penning trap on Friday October 26th! Ions were loaded using laser ablation from a solid Beryllium target, combined with two-photon ionization. The picture shows a cloud of 9Be+ ions, imaged by shining a laser beam resonant with the S_1/2 m_J=1/2 -> P_3/2 m_J=3/2 transition onto the cloud and sending the resonance fluorescence onto a CCD camera along the axial direction. Our next steps will be to optimize laser cooling in the BASE Hannover apparatus, control single ions and then proceed towards trapping and sympathetic cooling of single protons by 9Be+ ions. Thanks to our colleagues in the BASE collaboration for the incredible support in setting up the Penning trap and making it work!

Autor: Johannes Mielke