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Research Center for Surface Technology - RCST

Optical coatings and nanostructured function elements represent a key technology for most innovative branches in modern photonics. Thus, surface technologies are considered as one of the major enabling technologies for further progress in many innovative applications and future developments. Leadership in optical thin film technology and nanotechnology is not only a direct key for the development of competitive future concepts and products, it also promises a high economical prosperity of the affected industrial companies.

The goal of the Research Center for Surface Technology (RCST) is to foster this field of technology in the European research landscape and to provide a continuous basis for research and development activities. Therefore the planned cooperation intends to

  • Establish a joint research structure in the field of optical thin film technology (including nanostructured surfaces)
  • Set up mechanisms to exploit jointly achieved R&D results
  • Provide a further education structure for a mutual exchange of experts and a basic academic and vocational qualification

The joint cooperation is intended to be a prominent innovation cluster and will act as an important initiator of further cooperation in pre-competitive and industrial research, linking especially Russian and German industrial companies by new cooperations. Both cooperation partners have very broad and complementary international networks in research and industry at their disposal, which could be merged in the frame of cooperation. This would open up not only a scientific horizon of action but also an economic field, which both go beyond the current possibilities and thus establish a unique basis for research cooperation.

An integral part of the exploitation strategy is to consider industrial contract research at an early stage by either industrial co-funding (joint projects) or direct contract research for industrial companies. It will be highly important to guarantee an industrial participation in the exploitation from both the German as well as the Russian side. 

The infrastructure and expertise of the cooperation partners complement one another perfectly. Using the resources in an optimal and coordinated way as well as acquiring research projects jointly, will imply an increase in efficiency for both institutes. Furthermore, a jointly operated research structure provided with these resources will be in the position of representing the entire value creation chain respectively process chain of highly developed coating technology. The diverse technical equipment existing in both institutions as well as the experience gained over several decades complement one another in many fields.

Contract ceremony of the founding of mutual institute between the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. and the Lomonosov University, RCST, in Mai 2011 in Moscow, In the foreground (left to right) Prof. Herbert Welling (LZH), Prof. Sadovnichi (President of the Lomonosov University), behind them Prof. Schavan (Germany’s Federal Minister of Education and Research), Prof. Fursenko (Russian Minister of Research).