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Optical delay line
A typical laser mirror. A typical laser mirror. A typical laser mirror.
A typical laser mirror.

The roots of the Laser Components and Fibers Group can be traced back to the beginning of the 70s. The earlier working group Dielectrical Coatings of the Institute for Applied Physics, which had been renamed to the present Institute of Quantum Optics of the University of Hannover, concentrated on the production of optical coating systems and the characterization of losses.

The group moved into the new building of the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. in the year 1992 and formed the basis for the Department of Laser Components. In the course of more than four decades of research activities in the field of high quality coated components, important contributions to ion assisted deposition processes (IAD) and ion beam sputtering (IBS) processes, as well as highly precise control of coating processes and characterization of laser components could be made. The extensive lab and clean room infrastructure of the LZH can be used for a number of process concepts. Apart from this, there are standardized characterization facilities for transfer properties from the VUV to the FIR spectral range, optical losses, laser-induced damage thresholds and the stability of optical components.

At the beginning of this decade a new initiative had been started by the group dedicated to research in laser active fibers within the framework of the HITec-Building. Recently, a new Junior Research Group Integrated Photonics, that will work in in this field, was founded within the Masterplan Quanten- und Nanotechnologie of the Universities in Hannover and Braunschweig. The development activities on fibers are also part of the Clusters of Excellence Quantum Frontiers and PhoenixD.