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Interessiert an einer Masterarbeit in der Gruppe Laser Components and Fibres?

Interested in Writing a Master Thesis at Laser Components and Fibres Group?

Join cutting-edge research facilities for optical fiber production where specialty fibers meet quantum optics – in the Laser Components and Fibres group at Institute of Quantum Optics!

Numeric hollow-core photonic crystal fiber design using Comsol

At HITec, we maintain a complete production chain for specialty fibers and combine for example hollow-core fibers with solution-processed nanomaterials to make use of their unique optical properties such as single photon emission. The complexity of these hollow cores ranges from capillaries to microstructures exhibiting a photonic bandgap. The photonic bandgap and further properties such as the dispersion of a micro-structured fiber can be designed towards a specific application such as slow-light. We are searching for a talented master student with high interest in numerical simulations to perform a numerical design study on micro-structured fibers. Your task will be to investigate how photonic bandgap and dispersion of such fibers depend on their microstructure.

Our offer:

  • Scientific computing using COMSOL Multiphysics on the LUIS cluster
  • Cutting-edge optical fiber production facilities
  • A young and dynamic research group


  • Strong background in physics, nanotechnology, optics, or comparable substantiated with respective grades
  • Interest in numerical simulations
  • Helpful: first experience with Comsol Multiphysics, fiber design, Python
  • Ability to work independently and as a team
  • High motivation

Interested? Please contact Simon Spelthann (