Research Projects - Ultrafast Group


There is a secret world beyond our perception where things happen much faster than our wits. Scientists over all the centuries invented machines and techniques to reveal the quickly evolving world of matter, molecules, and atoms. The latest and most successful achievements are the ultrafast lasers with time resolution in the femto- and attosecond regime. In the foci of commercially available high power laser pulses we are able to observe extreme conditions: Peak powers in the Terawatt, magnetic fields with thousands of Tesla, light pressures of Gigapascal, and temperatures of Megakelvin. In our group we study the physics of these laser sources; we investigate very new ways to control the photons, and many of our laser light sources here in Hannover are unique in the world.


Following a description of the group activities


Our theoretical and computational research concerns multi-scale and multi-physics light matter interaction with a focus on generation and application of few- and single cycle pulses. This includes modern nonlinear optics, ultrashort pulse propagation in different media such as gases or condensed matter, generation of new frequencies, and strong field phenomena. The investigations comprise the theoretical analysis of the fundamental effects, modeling, and development of adequate numerical methods. High-performance computing and rigorous multi-dimensional simulation are used for realistic descriptions of the experiments. Besides supporting and optimizing the experimental investigations, a strong focus is set on developing new concepts.


The unique properties of laser pulses, such as high intensity, high brightness and coherence, tunability, or ultrabroad bandwidth have fertilized many areas in engineering, chemistry, physics, and the life sciences. We employ sophisticated laser sources in selected application areas such as bio imaging or material processing.


We investigate coherent and strong field interactions of lasers with matter involving the use of ultrafast and ultra-intense lasers for the generation of laser-driven short-pulse light sources producing extreme ultraviolet wavelengths.