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PhD positions available, Molecular Quantum Gases

PhD positions available, Molecular Quantum Gases

Experiments with ultracold molecules

Ultracold dipolar molecules are a powerful benchmark where to observe exotic phenomena and simulate strongly correlated systems on demand. In our lab we follow two complimentary routes to produce ultracold samples of molecules. One experiment employs coherent association of ultracold NaK-molecules from a quantum degenerate mixture of Na and K. In the other experiment we implement direct cooling of CaF molecules and develop new laser cooling techniques suitable for molecules.

Different topics are available.

The candidate must preferably have a good background in atomic physics and laser technics.

Please contact

Silke Ospelkaus, +49 511 762 17645

Alessandro Zenesini, , +49 511 762 4579

Mirco Siercke, , +49 511 762 2371