Junior Research Group: Integrated Photonics

Quanomet stands for the Masterplan Quanten- und Nanotechnologie of the Universities in Hannover and Braunschweig featuring a variety of research initiatives dedicated to research areas of quantum and nano metrology. In this framework the new junior research group Integrated Photonics will be active in the development of laser active fibers for applications in space and build up a complete infrastructure for the production of doped optical fibers in the HITec-Building in cooperation with the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. The facility includes an MCVD preform production system, a modern fiber drawing tower and a variety of adapted characterization systems. Through the existing research line Quanomet as well as the EFRE cooperation LaPOF, an expertise for fiber technology in Hannover has started to developed.

The activities of the research group Integrated Photonics at HITec fit into the research area of modern fiber technology. The main motivation is, however, not a new record for high-power fiber lasers, but rather the realization of novel concepts for laser-active and radiation-hardened fibers. These special fibers are to be used for the development of novel laser sources while radiation-hardened fibers even allow their use in space applications. In addition to their own research on the optimization and analysis of laser-active and radiation-hard fibers, specific problem solutions, such as specialty fiber-based laser sources sensors, are to be developed for other research institutions associated with HITec.