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QUEST (Centre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research)

QUEST (Centre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research) will concentrate on the advancement of quantum engineering and spacetime research to gain a better understanding of the underlying physics and to improve or utilise resulting innovative methods in fundamental physics and applied fields. Accordingly, the activities of QUEST will focus on four areas of research: Quantum Engineering, Quantum Sensors, Space-Time Physics, and Enabling Technologies. More

Sonderforschungsbereich 407

The university of Hanover accommodates one of the largest German science networks on fundamental physics structured like a virtual research institute. The so-called "Sonderforschungsbereich 407" (SFB 407) is devoted to the investigation of the fundamental principles and limitations which quantum mechanics imposes on measurements based on atoms, molecules and photons. More

Research Training Group 1729: Fundamentals and applications of ultra-cold matter

The Research Training Group 1792 focusses on both fundamental properties and applications of ultra-cold matter, joining the effort of a unique multi-disciplinary combination of theorists and experimentalists in atomic and molecular physics, quantum optics, condensed-matter physics and metrology. The RTG will investigate fundamental properties of quantum gases, with a particular interest in novel research directions as ultra-cold polar molecules, quantum degenerate alkaline-earth gases, non-classical states of matter, and strongly-correlated atomic gases. The RTG will also place special emphasis on the applications of ultra-cold matter, including atom interferometry, atomic sensors, and atomic clocks. More

European Graduate College Interference and Quantum Applications

The research field of the college belongs to atomic and molecular physics and quantum optics. The quantum and wave nature of matter and of light is the central subject and fundamental research will be performed applying new concepts like laser cooling of atoms and preparing cold molecules, manipulation of atoms and molecules with coherent fields, interferometry of matter and light waves, preparing coherent ensembles of atomic or molecular Bosons and their manipulation, and studying collisions under well controlled conditions. More

REBIRTH (centre for regenerative medicine)

The science of stem cells has been developing for decades, with increasing impact on clinical medicine. Recent studies support a concept that stem cells can be found in various organs of adult mammals, including humans, and continue to produce differentiated progeny cells and important cytokines. Our program integrates excellent training with innovative science and experimental as well as clinical medicine. Interactive basic research projects are designed to identify and evaluate cellular and molecular mediators that stimulate regeneration. More

LZH (Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.)

Research, development, and consulting are the main tasks of the LZH. Since its founding in 1986, the LZH has served as a competent link between physics-oriented and engineering-oriented fields. The close cooperation between production engineers, material scientists, and physicists makes it possible that interdisciplinary solutions are found in all fields of laser applications. More

HOT (Hannoversches Zentrum für Optische Technologien)

HOT coordinates diverse research activities both within the Hanover area as well as on a state and federal level. HOT channels the skills and expertise of its engineering and natural sciences partners in the area of optics so that research is highly interdisciplinary. More

FINAQS (Future Inertial Atomic Quantum Sensors)

Atomic Quantum Sensors will be a key-technology for the ultra-precise monitoring of accelerations and rotations. These sensors evolved out of a new kind of optics based on matter waves rather than light waves. Matter wave optics is still a young, but rapidly progressing science, which recently generated sensational Nobel-prize awarded inventions such as laser cooling and atom lasers. FINAQS aims to explore and to progress the latest inventions in this field and will convert them into new types of high-precision atom interferometers. More

PhotonicNet (Kompetenznetz Optischen Technologien)

The main principle of the Competence Network "PhotonicNet" is to initiate interdisciplinary cooperation within the framework of Optical Technologies in order to accelerate research, to increase the visibility of applications and to promote the training of the younger people with appropriate initiatives. More

LNQE (Laboratorium für Nano- und Quantenengineering )

The Laboratory of Nano and Quantum Engineering (LNQE) is an interdisciplinary research center of the Leibniz Universität Hannover in the field of nanotechnology. Substantive goals are both excellent basic research as well as application-oriented engineering at the nanoscale accompanied by appropriate cross-disciplinary training. More