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Light multiple scattering at nanoscale  by nano-objects; near-field optics of nanostructures; surface plasmon polaritons for nano- and micro-optical elements  and nano-devices;  optical resonances of high-refractive index dielectric and semiconductor nanoparticles and  nanostructures; many-functional metal and all-dielectric metamaterials and metasurfaces with full amplitude and phase control of light.

Schematic illustration of fs laser printing of nanoparticles: A thin gold layer has been used as a target to transfer spherical nanoparticles onto a transparent glass receiver substrate.
(a) Schematic illustration of femtosecond laser printing of silicon nanoparticles. A silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer was used as a target to transfer spherical Si nanoparticles from 50nm crystalline Si layer onto the transparent glass receiver substrate. (b) Array of several hundreds of amorphous Si nanoparticles fabricated by this method and visualized with dark-field microscopy. The insert shows a SEM image of a single Si nanoparticle in this array.
Normalized scattering spectra of spherical Si nanoparticles with the radius R in air. The arrows indicate the electric dipole (ed) and magnetic dipole (md) contributions.
The toroidal dipole moment is associated with the circulating magnetic field M accompanied by electric poloidal current distribution. Since the symmetry of the radiation patterns of the electric P and toroidal T dipole modes are similar, they can destructively interfere leading to total scattering cancelation in the far-field with nonzero near-field excitation.


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Dr. Andrey Evlyukhin

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