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Following the ICOLS tradition we offer a number of excursions for Wednesday afternoon:

  1. “Tree top walking”

    • Participants have the unique opportunity to discover life in the tree tops – the views, the ecosystem and various animals. With a safe, easy climbing technique, we climb to the tree tops. Several intermediate stops varying in altitude and difficulty are located on the way. This will allow you to select an appropriate level and to progress during the activity. Participants will be grouped into teams of two to support each other and take turns (ca. 3-4 hours)

  2. “Knots, ropes and trees”

    • With a few boxes full of strong ropes, we explore the forests around the Marienburg castle. We pick a set of strong trees, learn from the instructor about the choice of ropes and knots and put ropes between the trees. Afterwards, we will practice climbing on this low rope (max. 150 cm above ground). (ca. 3-4 hours)

  3. “Compass rally”

    • Using a compass, sailors navigated the oceans already centuries ago. In small groups, you will be sent on an interesting trip around the Marienburg castle over the Marienberg hill. Along the way, you will find tasks and quizzes. (ca. 4 hours)

  4. Discover strawberries

    • Did you know what it takes to grow strawberries on over 40 hectares and to deliver them fresh to the market? Watering, bloom and harvesting – you will learn everything about strawberries. After a piece of delicious strawberry cake with locally grown berries, you can shop in the farm or pick strawberries yourself (3 hours)

  5. Discover Marienburg castle

    • Discover the Marienburg castle on an interesting guided tour and find out about the history of the Hanoverians, the House of Welf, and the Kingdom of Hannover. Many personal items of the royal family and pieces of historical and cultural importance will introduce you to a different epoch. You will get to the top of the castle tower and enjoy the view of the Leine valley. After the castle tour, there will be a guided tour in a Schnaps distillery including a tasting (4 hours total)

  6. Canoe trip

    • Canoeing trip on the Leine river. You will discover the ‘Calenberger Land’ from the water. (ca. 2-3.5 hours, depending on the length of the tour)

  7. City-Tour Hameln

    • Discover the city of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. On a guided tour through the historic old city, you will discover the narrow alleys with the renovated timber frame construction historical buildings and learn about the history of the city and the legend of the Pied Piper. The modern interpretation of the legend, the musical ‘Rats’, with funny costumes and texts is performed live at 4:30 PM outdoors in Hamelin (ca. 3 hours).

  8. Excursion to” VW Nutzfahrzeuge” (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles)

    • Trip to Hannover with factory tour.

Costs for the excursions are payable at the conference office. Number of participants is limited. You can register for the various activities after the pre-registration.